招生 Checklist

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Don’t forget to…

» File the FAFSA – fafsa.政府

FAFSA opens October 1. (JWCC Code: 012813)

» 申请 奖学金

申请 JWCC 奖学金. 不要忘记寻找当地和国家奖学金的机会.

» Explore Careers

Research careers. 工作的影子. Look at local job postings. Where are the opportunities that match your interests? No idea where to start? Take the career quiz!

» Connect with JWCC

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招生 director with students

Admitted Student Checklist

Get ready for classes at JWCC

通过与您的学术顾问联系,迈出您在JWCC成功的第一步, current students, 教师, administrators.

注意一封包含您的个人登录/电子邮件以及如何访问BlazerNet和SOLAR的说明的信件. Your login is needed to access your schedule, 金融援助, 成绩, online courses, John Wood email account.


所有学生都应该填写FAFSA(联邦学生援助免费申请)。. 这将决定是否有资格获得州和联邦拨款和贷款. The earlier you apply, the better. 在财政援助资格下查看SOLAR的结果(使用您的登录名). FAFSA opens October 1.

(JWCC Code: 012813)


根据对高中成绩单的评估(5年内),可以满足分班评估的需要。, SAT or ACT scores, 或成功完成大学水平的英语和数学课程. 如果需要,咨询办公室将在您的咨询预约之前通知您.

分班评估可以帮助你的学术顾问知道你应该上哪些数学和英语课程. This is an important step to get you started on the right foot. 尽你所能.

Individual testing hours are from M-Th 8 a.m. 至下午五点半.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. 至中午十二时.m. If you can’t make 任何 of these, 我们很乐意为您安排一个单独的时间参加分班考试. Zoom tests are also available to take at home.

Wondering what the test looks like and wanting to practice?  使用下面的按钮进行练习测试,并确保选择经典测试!

联系 advising@decordiadesign.com or call at 217.641.4355 if you have questions.

Advisors will assist you in creating your education plan, evaluate transfer needs, register for classes. Please contact 217.641.4355年,电子邮件 advising@decordiadesign.com,或浏览 登记.

Are you undecided? Or want to make sure your major is a good fit for you? Career Services 将你的兴趣和能力与市场需求相匹配,并探索当地的工作机会吗.

After registering, you will receive a bill. 检查账单信息,付款选项和你的经济援助状况. Check the 金融援助 tab in SOLAR or call 217.641.4329. Payment plans are available.

迎新会在秋季和春季课程开始前两周举行. Locate your classes, 买书, confirm schedule, get student ID, purchase meal cards, get a preview of online classes.

参观 JWCC bookstore and get your books. 老师希望你在上课的第一天就准备好书本. Books may be purchased or rented.

体育 举办泳池派对,滑雪旅行,球类运动,尾门,电影之夜,和极限躲避球. 有十几个俱乐部和组织适合你的兴趣. You can also start your own!

最成功的学生尽早安排支持,以确保在JWCC取得成功. Support at JWCC includes TRIO Student Support Services, Counseling Services, Disability Services, 珀金斯, 辅导, Student Food Pantry, just to name a few.

Instructor with student
Professor in classroom
students in cafe

招生 Requirements

Open Enrollment

beat365平台保持开放招生政策. JWCC将接受所有高中毕业生或同等学历(GED)的学生,他们证明有能力从JWCC项目中受益, subject only to space limitations. 如果不符合学院或申请人的最佳利益,申请人可能会被拒绝录取.

To become admitted to JWCC, students need to:

  • 填写 an admissions application
  • 提交高中成绩单或同等学历(GED或HiSET)至 transcripts@decordiadesign.com. 首页school students, see below.
  • Request transcripts for 任何 college credit coursework be sent to JWCC. (这包括在高中获得的大学学分或任何中学后的课程)

一旦被录取,学生可以根据自己的兴趣和能力选择课程或项目. JWCC提供学术建议,帮助每个学生根据个人能力和兴趣选择合适的学习领域. With some programs, particularly the Health Science programs, space may not be available for all applicants. 看到 Selective 招生.

首页school Students

JWCC welcomes homeschool students. 家庭学校的学生将遵循与所有JWCC准学生相同的录取程序. 提交成绩单时,请注意以下事项:

首页school transcripts:

  • will include comprehensive transcript detailing coursework.
  • 是否会注明每门课程的成绩,并说明家庭学习计划的评分标准. (7th semester can be accepted for admission, 最终成绩单将在课程开始前提交.)
  • MUST include the signature of the individual who prepared it.
  • may need to provide a brief summary of coursework if requested.

Transfer Admission Requirements

Those seeking direct admission to an Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS), Associate in Fine Arts (AFA), 或工程科学副学士(AES)学位课程必须在以下科目中完成至少15个单元的高中课程:

  1. 四年英语(强调书面和口头交流以及文学)
  2. 三年的社会研究(强调历史和政府)
  3. 三年的数学(从入门到高等代数), 几何, 三角函数, or fundamentals of computer programming)
  4. Three years of science (laboratory sciences)
  5. 两年的外语、音乐、职业教育或艺术选修课

不符合这些要求的申请人仍将被接受. 不足可以通过安置评估或成功完成必要学科领域的指定高中或大学预科课程来满足。.

Selective 招生 项目

在JWCC, most of our programs do not have specific admissions requirements; however, 有几个健康科学专业有选择性录取程序. 要了解更多beta365选择性入学计划和入学要求,请参阅个别计划:

JWCC District MapHow to Establish Residency

为了符合地区内学费的资格,学生必须在学期开始前至少30天住在JWCC地区内的住所. 迁入该区的学生可能需要完成一份 Residency Questionnaire 并提供至少两份非自用的居住证明文件.

如果学生居住在以下高中学区之一,则属于beat365平台学区, 布朗县, 中央, Griggsville-Perry, 自由, Meredosia-Chambersburg, 佩, Pikeland, 愉快的山, 昆西, 东南部, 团结, 或西方.

问题?  admissions@decordiadesign.com

Placement Assessment

Placement testing is not required for admission, 但可能需要在注册之前确保你的学术顾问安排你在适当的课程,以确保你的成功.

根据对高中成绩单的评估(5年内),可以满足分班评估的需要。, SAT or ACT scores, 或成功完成大学水平的英语和数学课程. 如果需要,咨询办公室将在您的咨询预约之前通知您.

Learn more about placement testing.